Commercial Car Park Resurfacing In Horsham

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The Finished Product

Before & During

Tarmac Car Park Makeover In Horsham

The SGS team recently tackled a commercial car park resurfacing project on Foundry Lane, in Horsham. Our team had a great time on this job, so in this case study, we’ll dig into the nitty-gritty of this particular job, highlighting the challenges we faced and shedding light on the challenges we encountered and the innovative solutions we put into action.

Project Overview

Scope: Re-surfacing of the front and underground car parking areas
Outcome: A revitalised commercial car park – tidier and better looking, without the old bumps and potholes to contend with.

The Challenge

Commercial car parks, particularly those with underground areas, pose unique challenges. These include ensuring a seamless transition between different sections, catering to varying load demands, and selecting materials that stand up to heavy daily use while still looking visually appealing.

The Solution

As always, we took a thorough approach. Before any work commenced, we completed a thorough site assessment to identify any pre-existing issues and to understand the unique demands of the site.

Working with the client, we selected materials that not only promised durability but also elevated the visual appearance of the car park. Throughout the project, regular checks were made to ensure the surface was even and free of imperfections.

The Result

The end result was a car park that is more functional and better looking than ever!

Visitors to the commercial premises in Foundry Lane now benefit from a superior parking experience, from the moment they drive in, to the moment they leave.

This Commercial Car Park Resurfacing project in Horsham stands as a testament to SGS Surfacing’s dedication to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. With the right expertise, even the most utilitarian of spaces can be smartened up!

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