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Concrete Driveways in Sussex & Surrey

If you are interested in resurfacing your driveway, concrete is an extremely durable, affordable choice and low-maintenance choice.

While concrete is one of the plainer choices for driveways in Sussex and Surrey, it can be enhanced with brick or paved edges in your choice of material. You can even extend the paved edges to cut through your concrete driveway, dividing up the space and creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Imprinted concrete, a method where patterns are pressed into the concrete often to give the illusion of paving slabs, is also a popular choice for driveways.

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Why Choose Concrete?

For a home driveway upgrade, concrete is about as affordable as it gets. However, one of the most sought-after advantages of a concrete driveway is actually its strength. As a material, concrete is extremely strong, making it the ideal surface for heavier vehicles. Unlike tarmac, under heavy wear, a concrete driveway or carpark will remain solid and avoid warping or sagging over time. It will also outperform tarmac in the heat. Because of concrete’s hard-wearing surface, it is mainly used for commercial areas with high, heavy traffic.

This strength makes concrete a popular choice for commercial clients, but that does not mean it doesn’t also have advantages as a driveway at home.

Because concrete is pale in colour it is much better at reflecting light from windows, porch lamps and security lights than a dark material (like tarmac) which can make it a safer and more secure choice for your property.

Why customers choose Concrete:

Cost Efficient

Long Lasting

Minimalist Appearance

Smooth & Neat Finish


Low Maintenance

Alternatives To Concrete Driveways

An affordable alternative to concrete is tarmac driveways. Asphalt driveways and roads are as cost and time efficient to install as a concrete drive, and can be enhanced with paved edges or left plain.

If you admire the light, grey colour of concrete then you may be drawn to a resin bound driveway which can be completed in a variety of different colours as an alternative to the traditional hue. Check out our Resin Bound Gravel for more information, or get in touch with our team to find out about more colour options.

Concrete FAQs

Concrete driveways are a very affordable choice in the UK. Request your free quote from SGS surfacing to see how much it would cost to resurface your driveway in concrete today.

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