If you’ve decided that resin bound gravel is the right option for you, the next step is to choose the right company. At SGS we are a preferred partner of The Resin Mill, and we’ve put together a few reasons to show you why it is important to use companies that are affiliated with leading industry suppliers.

Here at SGS Surfacing, we are proud to be preferred partners of The Resin Mill. Being an approved contractor of The Resin Mill has many benefits for us and our clients.

We have put together a few reasons why it is important to use companies that are affiliated with leading industry suppliers, which you can find below.

Who are The Resin Mill?

The Resin Mill are industry leading resin bound suppliers and specialists in resin bound surfacing. They supply us with leading, high quality resin bound supplies and bonded surfacing materials.

As well as providing high quality supplies and materials, The Resin Mill also provide high quality training courses for those wanting to further their skills.

What does being a preferred partner mean?

Skilled workers

Being accepted onto the preferred partner scheme demonstrates that we have a highly qualified and skilled team. Only businesses that have demonstrated high levels of quality work and outstanding levels of customer service are accepted on the scheme, giving customers peace of mind that they are only using the very best and professional contractors.

Support and training

The Resin Mill provide support and training for all approved contractors in their scheme. From helping contractors to grow their business to running training courses with the latest equipment and products, The Resin Mill ensures that all companies on their scheme are up to scratch.

You can rest assured that because of this, we can be trusted to complete any patio and driveway renovations with the best products and the most up-to-date knowledge in the industry.


The Resin Mill are members of FeRFA, the resin flooring association, whose purpose it is to govern the industry and provide guidance, advice and support. FeFRA are recognised by main official bodies such as RIBA, BuildUK and CSCS as the voice of the resin flooring industry.

Being associated with FeFRA safeguards homeowners against cowboy workers and confirms expert status of those undertaking the work.


It can be scary letting people you don’t know into your home to undertake works. Schemes such as those that The Resin Mill run, give you peace of mind that you aren’t employing people who are going to rip you off or provide you with a bad service.

You can trust that we will complete all works to the highest standards with the highest quality materials.

Quality products

Not only do The Resin Mill provide high quality support and training, they also supply the best products in the industry. We use the highest quality resin available which is not only stronger than other resin on the market, it also has a much better finish due to its colour. Most other resins leave a dark brown residue on the surface, whereas ours is a lot lighter meaning it does not dull the aggregate colour.

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