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Easy Ways To Landscape Your Summer Garden

With many of us now spending more time in our gardens than ever before, here are 5 easy ways to landscape your garden and add some interesting features that will optimise your space. It’s easier than you might think!

Before the summer suddenly creeps upon us, reviewing your garden and its landscaping is a great idea to ensure it’s ready to enjoy in the warm summer months. There are so many different options available when landscaping your garden and no matter what size or shape it is, there is always a way to improve it.

Discover our top ways to really improve your outdoor space, ready to enjoy on the days and weeks we get good weather in the UK:

1. Create zones

If you have a garden on the larger side, then creating different ‘zones’ within your garden is a very popular trend at the moment. This can be done using a range of different landscaping techniques, such as using gravel or stones to create boundaries. Another technique can be to use small walls to create different areas of the garden.

This allows you to split your garden into key areas, without making it look smaller. This is great for establishing, for example, a dining and entertaining area, a play area and a shady area to cool down when it is too hot.

2. Add flower beds

multiple flowers in a flower bed

Flowers are an excellent way to add some colour to your garden and can become a relaxing hobby to maintain. Creating areas specifically where you can plant flowers and plants will really give your garden a boost. Flowers are known to trigger happiness, so whenever you have guests you can always guarantee they will feel uplifted in your garden.

3. Use paving slabs to create pathways

Adding natural pathways around your garden not only helps for ease of use, but also helps to break your garden up into zones and boundaries. There are different types of paving options available, so you are free to choose the best option that will match in with your garden style, such as patterned, mosaic tiles or plain.

4. Add a water feature or pond

If you’re worried your garden looks a bit flat and needs something extra to make it stand out, then adding a water feature is an exciting option. They come in all shapes and sizes, so no matter what size your garden is you can find a feature that’s right for your outdoors area.

Another option is to add a pond. Ponds are another excellent way to create a focal point and again, they can come in all shapes and sizes. If you love looking at wildlife, ponds are known for being great for attracting a varied selection of wildlife, and you can even add your own fish if you have the time to care for them.

5. Install a BBQ area

Summers in England are all about enjoying a barbecue outside, no matter the weather. Creating the perfect barbecue area may seem like a challenge but you can opt for simple designs – you just need to ensure a good flow of space from your home to your garden..

You could think about making a patio area big enough for your guests to sit down whilst you’re cooking, so you don’t miss out on speaking with them and can make sure they stay entertained.

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