signs it is time to replace your driveway

5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Driveway

No matter how wonderful your home looks from the outside, a cracked and crumbling driveway can instantly impact any good first impressions someone may have of your home and reduce the kerb appeal. Here are our top 5 signs of damage, that indicate it’s time for a new driveway.

No matter how wonderful your home looks from the outside, a cracked and crumbling driveway can instantly impact any good first impressions someone may have of your home and reduce the kerb appeal.

You may consider getting it repaired and patched up to improve the overall look, however, extensive repairs can actually end up adding up to cost as much as a full replacement – without looking as good, Make sure you do your research to ensure you choose the best option for your home.

Below, we have put together our top 5 signs to watch out for that show your driveway is in need of a replacement.

There are multiple cracks

If your surface shows multiple cracks along it and they keep getting bigger and more keep appearing, then your driveway almost certainly needs replacing.

In the winter months, cracks tend to only get worse and worse as a result of water getting into them and then freezing, which expands and increases the size of cracks.

On inspection, if you find you only have a few, small cracks in the surface, you may be able to repair these. However, if you find that the cracks are long and deep, then these should be a cause for concern and usually can’t be repaired.

Do keep in mind that any repairs undertaken will usually look a darker colour than the original surface, making the repair quite obvious. If you want to avoid this aesthetic, consider a full replacement.

You have drainage issues

If your driveway is old or in poor condition, then the drainage may not be as up to scratch as driveways that use newer surfaces. If you find that water is pooling in certain spots, or water often runs down the middle of the surface, then you probably have drainage issues.

These can not only cause increased damage to the surface itself, by creating large cracks, it can also be extremely dangerous to have a surface with drainage issues. In the cold, winter months, any water on the surface can freeze and become slippery, which can cause injuries and also impact on car safety when parking..

Having your driveway replaced with something such as a resin bound gravel surface will help to ensure any water on the surface is drained properly. Resin bound gravel is well known to have excellent drainage properties and for being extremely durable.

There are potholes

Potholes are not just unsightly like cracks, they also cause serious issues to your car if constantly driven over. If you find yourself driving over potholes on your driveway everyday, this can result in significant and costly damage to your car’s wheels, tyres and suspension system.

If you have only got a minor pothole, then you can get away with repairing it. However, this may not actually last long or fix the issue, as potholes form when the ground below expands and contracts, making the surface above weaken and fall apart.

As it is likely that the pothole will show up again over time, replacing the surface is probably your best option.

water-filled pothole on a driveway

The colour has faded

Over time, the colour of your driveway can start to fade due to exposure to the sun and extremely harsh weather. This can make it look patchy, unappealing and past its prime.

If you have chosen a surface in particular to match in with the colour scheme of your home, then it may now look wrong and clash with your current exterior if it has faded over the years.

A lot of the newer surfaces out there, such as resin bound gravel, have better properties that make them retain their colour for longer and guarantee a good finish no matter the exposure to extreme weather.

There is general wear and tear

If your surface is starting to look a bit rough around the edges, with chips, cracked edges and a rough, uneven surface, then you may want to think about a replacement.

There are some short term fixes to things such as these, however in the long run, these can actually cause further damage to your surface. This means you may need to invest in a full replacement anyway, on top of the costs of having completed ongoing repairs, so it can make financial sense to skip repairs and go straight into arranging a replacement.

Replace your driveway with SGS Surfacing

If you have decided that now is the time to invest in a new driveway, then please get in touch and we would be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

We have years of experience completing driveways all over Sussex and Surrey and will work alongside you to create the perfect driveway to complement your home.

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