Commercial Horley Central Car Park Refurbishment

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The Finished Product

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Horley Central Car Park Refurbishment

The SGS Surfacing team completed the impressive commercial Horley Central Car Park project Reigate & Banstead Borough Council requested. With various commercial car park projects completed in the past, the team was excited to get the Horley Central Car Park underway, helping to elevate the overall user experience and make visits to Horley more convenient and enjoyable!

Project Overview

Scope: Tree and shrub pits completion, access road re-surfacing, excavation of holes for gully pots, gully cleaning, line painting, drainage installation, weed treatment, and more.

Outcome: A revitalised commercial car park – enhancing customer experience and safety while optimising plant health through premium topsoil.

Key Features Of Completed Works For Refurbished Horley Car Park:

Fencing: Perimeter fencing repaired or replaced per specifications, with an additional 10 meters repaired at the client’s request.

Gully Pots: Holes excavated for gully pots.

Access Road Resurfacing: Resurfaced with Stone Mastic Asphalt instead of AC10, as agreed by SGS Surfacing and Reigate & Banstead Council.

Gully Clean: All gullies cleared as requested.

CCTV of Drainage Installation, Testing, and Commissioning: Survey sent to the client of completion.

Line Painting: Completed as per project specifications.

Sign Post: Signposts aligned in the correct direction along with Old Town Map removal.

Weed Treatment and Wild Seed: Added to all tree and shrub beds per client specifications.

Site Clean-Up: All excavated materials were removed, the site cleaned, and the car park swept before line painting and reopening.

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