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Durable, Long Lasting Tarmac Driveway

The customer had a very worn, uneven driveway that was susceptible to flooding into a small levelling pond to one side. We knew that the level of the driveway needed to be raised to help keep the water from damaging the surface whilst creating a flat, level and attractive driveway up to the farm house.

We started off by digging some drainage trenches to allow the water to run off from the surface and back into the existing ditches. We then marked out the driveway and carried out some sub base repairs where required to ensure the new tarmac surface could be laid with confidence.

Having a decent base to work with we applied a base layer of course, tarmac/asphalt to level the driveway up, taking out any undulations and raising the surface up above the water table. This base course was laid using a tarmac paving machine ensuring excellent compaction, then rolled in using a 1t, sit on roller. The base course was left to cool before laying smoother, surface course of tarmac.

Laid through the paving machine the finish is excellent and will provide a long lasting and usable driveway for many years to come.

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