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Dropped Kerbs: Can You Have A Driveway Without One?

If you’re unsure about how to go about getting a driveway installed at your home, take a look at our guide, which covers dropped kerbs, planning permissions and approved contractors.

Parking can be a bit of a sore subject in roads across the country, with more and more cars on the roads and free spaces being hard to come by. Adding to or extending a driveway to your home is not only practical and an easy way to save yourself the hassle of finding a parking space, but it can also add huge value to your home.

Dropped kerbs

Can you have a driveway without a kerb installed?

One of the main questions we are asked when designing driveways is whether or not you are able to have a driveway installed without a dropped kerb. The simple answer here is no.

Legally, in order to use an area as a driveway, you need to have a dropped kerb on the pathway outside your home. Otherwise, if any damage is caused to the pathway when driving over it you will be liable for fixing it.

What’s the process to get permission for a dropped kerb?

To get a dropped kerb installed outside your home for a proposed driveway, you need to apply to your local council (planning permissions) and get an approved contractor to undertake the work.

There are several conditions that your home must meet in order to have a dropped kerb installed for use with a driveway:

  • The property can’t be on a bend or at a road junction
  • A tree can’t block the proposed crossing
  • Your property can’t be too close to traffic signals
  • There is a sufficient garden area – the car must not overhang onto the pathway
  • There is sufficient visibility

Once the application has been approved, the work usually takes around 5-7 days and once completed you’re able to use your front area as a driveway.

Approved contractors

SGS Surfacing are proud to be an approved contractor to install dropped kerbs for homeowners who are looking to install a driveway at their home.

In order to become approved for installing dropped kerbs, contractors need to meet strict policies and standards that are set by the council. These include:

  • Holding a full NRSWA accreditation
  • Having Public Liability Insurance – £10 million+

In order to gain the NRSWA accreditation, contractors must hold certain qualifications and also follow the correct legal procedures when undertaking work, such as using the correct signage, lighting and materials.

Once the awarding body are happy that a contractor meets the correct standards, they will be added to the list of approved contractors to undertake dropped kerbs.

Book your dropped kerb and driveway renovation

As we are approved contractors and skilled and experienced at driveway renovations, we are able to quickly and easily undertake both services for you at the same time.

This means you are able to get all of your driveway and drop kerb completed in one go, rather than waiting around for separate contractors to become available.

Take a look through our gallery of work for inspiration and give us a call on 01403 581782 to book in your free quotation.

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