what is the best surface for my driveway

What Is The Best Surface For My Driveway?

Choosing the right driveway for your home is an important decision. We have put together some of the leading surface options available, to help you choose the right one for you.

With so many different options on the market, choosing the right style of driveway for your home can be difficult. There are a lot of things to consider such as the look, wear and tear and drainage, so it can take a long time to make the right decision.

To help you make a more informed choice about the best type of driveway for your home, we have put together some of the leading surface options available and why they are a good choice.

Surface options for your driveway


Gravel is one of the most cost effective solutions for driveways. It comes in a wide range of different forms, colours and styles, meaning you can choose the right look and feel to match in with your home.

Here at SGS Surfacing, we’re able to offer a different type of loose gravel that is specifically for vehicular traffic, making it far more hard wearing and long lasting.

Gravel is also great for use as a feature or edging on your driveway; it can break up big blocks of colour and texture and create a more exciting and unique look that stands out – think ‘kerb appeal’.


Brick / block paving is a very popular surface for driveways, the main reason being that you are able to create a very unique look very easily. This is due to being able to create different patterns and use a range of different bricks or paving slabs to create your own bespoke design.

There are a huge range of different bricks and paving on the market, so it is extremely easy to find the perfect colour and style to match in with your home, and even create patterns in the design.

Our team always lay block pavers and bricks on top of a layer of concrete, to stop any sinking and to ensure longevity.

Resin bound gravel

Resin bound gravel is a fairly new type of surface for homes, but it is widely becoming one of the most popular. Not only does it look amazing on any home, there are a variety of colours to choose from to ensure it matches with your style.

It is an extremely hard wearing surface that can withstand even the busiest of driveways. It also has fantastic drainage properties, so even when there is extremely heavy rain, the water will drain instantly, not leaving any puddles on the surface.

Resin bound gravel can be incorporated with a lot of other types of material, such as bricks or block pavers, to create an edging to the surface. We are also proud to be a preferred partner of The Resin Mill, a high quality, resin supplier.

Resin bound gravel driveway


The most cost effective solution on this list, tarmac offers a quick and easy solution to your driveway. It is especially useful if you have a large area to cover or get a lot of traffic on your driveway, as it is extremely hard wearing.

Although very limited colourwise, other materials can be used alongside the tarmac to make it a far more attractive solution, such as bricks and gravel.

Resurface your driveway

If you would like to discuss your options with our highly skilled team or would like a free quotation, give us a call on 01403 581782. We would be happy to help you create the perfect driveway for your home.

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